Thursday, May 21, 2009

Game Over

yep..kris allen won the American Idol Season 8 today. rezeki dia kan..but i did hope adam lambert will win the title coz he's so talented! he has undoubtly the best vocal range ever! tak penah terkucils. unlike mr allen, nyanyi lagu 'No Boundaries' pon leh terkucils tho it's their victory song. i didn't like the song either. past seasons victory songs are much better especially 'A Moment Like This' by Kelly Clarkson. and there's several more yang sedaplah.

people say mr lambert is an openly gay. but when people asked him about his personal life, he simply said 'i know who i am'. so betulla kan allegation tu. go figure..hehe..sukati jer aku buat conclusion. tak kisahla deknon..i know you'll be successful in your career be it singing or theatricals. macam kes daughtry dulu la. he won the 4th place but today? he has the most sold albums worldwide (ntah baper juta tah), platinum awards and of course millions of fans (based on the sold albums la).

however, inside my small heart (hati kecikku) hehe...i still hope for danny vs. adam in the finale. and i wish danny wins! aku memang soka soulful voice. i read somewhere that he wants to do soulful album. baguih2...

well..i'm relieved the 'game' is over now...takderla aku tergocoh2 (eh, is there such word?) nak balik cepat tiap2 hari rabu & khamis. eheheh...other than AI, AF and OIAM pon dah abis. Mentor aku tak tengok so let me live peacefully again...

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