Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bobo's Birthday

last thursday (May 7th) was bobo's 31st birthday. but i was at Seri Pacific Hotel, KL on that special day since tuesday due to menjadi urustaksetia for a workshop. i haven't got a chance to prepare anything to celebrate his birthday properly. sorry yer abg...but anyway, the hotel is very nice...i got a room to myself with twin beds. i'll post about the hotel later ;D

at 11am bobo fetched me from the hotel and we went to mak abah's house. my parents and lil' sister with her husband are going for a european vacation on that day. jeles i...takleh itut...nasib baik that day was the last day of the workshop. so i asked to be excused earlier.

supposed we're going to have our lunch at Mohd Chan but our program had changed in the last minute. tau jela orang nak berjalan jauh many things to pack yet so little time. we decided to have our lunch at LCCT instead.

at 1.45pm we arrived at LCCT. it's been awhile i haven't go there..rupanya2 dah ada macam2 kedai lagi yer..hehe..nampak sangat dah lama takpi vacation. we had our lunch cum bobo's bday celebration at Marrybrown. malas nak jalan jauh2 so belasah ajelah...the food was not into my liking...the fried chicken cannot beat KFC at all. and the mashed potatoes were very salty. yikes! camno la nak support malaysian product kalau camni, kan?

at 3pm the gate opens and off they went to check in. after salam2, hugging2 and reminding them to bring back fridge magnets session ;p, me and bobo went back to banting.

at banting, i remembered that i brought (tapau) a piece of choc chip muffin from the hotel so i gave it to bobo. kunun2 this is his bday cake la. heheh...tak senonoh btoi...tapi ingatan tu yang lebih penting, kan? ;p

later that evening, after maghrib me and bobo went to Alamanda. at first, my intention was to survey for his bday present. however, i'm the one who got a pair of shoes for myself instead. ehehhe...tak senonoh untuk sekian kalinyer.. ;p it's not that i'm not going to buy him present but there's nothing interesting there. so i just treat him dinner at TCRS...ok la tu kan...

after dinner and a present to myself ;p, we went back to our home sweet home...

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