Tuesday, May 19, 2009

En. Abam's First Food

en. abam is already 5 month & 4 weeks old this week. next week he'll be 6 month old already! iskk..my big boy is growing so fast..tak lama lagi ada gopren, tunang, kawin..iskk..melalut sudah!

i decided to start feeding him solid food when he's 6 month old. but i think it's ok to gradually introduce him to food right now. some people even started to wean their babies just after they're 4 month old. kira aku lambat gakla..btw, tak lama dah pon nak masuk 6 bulan kan..
i read in forbaby website on the signs that our babies may be ready for solids. i can see that adam is totally ready! dia asik terliur tengok orang makan, his tongue reflex is better (dah tak muak2), asik chew on his hands and toys and milk is often not enough ;p

this is what i gave him, Heinz Pureed Pumpkin & Sweetcorn.

actually i bought this a month ago but later i decided to wait..and wait..and tadaa! the time has arrived!

en. abam is ready for feeding time. big bip to the rescue!

bobo prepared his puree in the bowl. wah..bowl and spoon pon baru rasmi tau..sebelah buh air, sebelah buh puree. for the 1st attempt, we just tried to feed him 1 tablespoon. abis u ols...mulut dia macam burung! muncung2 sua kat sudu. eheheh...pastu tangan asik nak capai spoon dia. hepp!

nyum...nyummm...daddy tengah suapkan adam

after the 1st trial, alhamdulillah he loved it! tak rogi uit ummi beli. heheh...so we added another 1 1/2 tablespoon of the puree into the bowl. abis lagi..dah..dah..we'll give you some more later, k? ni baru kelas introduction to food. heheh...

look at his 'content' face! cheeky & comot boy!

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Twendy Tots said...

tu muka hepi dpt makan tu.. hehehhe lawak tui