Thursday, June 25, 2009

Selamat Ulangbulan Ke-7 En. Abam

penderaan kanak-kanak ;p

today is my little monster's 7 month birthday. and today is also my last day in KL office. sayonara KL...hehe..

Food to Avoid (for Babies)

Just to share the tips that i got from

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends you begin introducing solid foods to your baby around six months of age to ensure he/she receives proper nutrition. While you are preparing for this momentous milestone, keep in mind there are a number of foods you should not give your baby until he/she is older, including:

Wheat: Wheat is the most common grain allergen so you should not give your baby wheat or wheat products until he/she is six to eight months old and can handle rice and oats.

Honey: Honey can harbor spores of botulism, which can grow and produce life-threatening toxins in your baby's intestinal tract. Do not give your baby honey until he/she is older than one year.

Cow's Milk: Giving a baby cow's milk too early can cause childhood allergies. Wait to introduce cow's milk until he/she is one year old.

Eggs: Infants older than nine months can have egg yolks, but wait until your baby is older than one year to give him/her the protein-rich whites.

Citrus: Check with your pediatrician before giving citrus juice to your baby as it can cause allergies.

Peanuts: Peanuts and peanut butter can cause violent allergic reactions and shouldn't be given to children younger than 3 years old.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Faces of Adam

this entry means nothing. heheh...just my 1st trial using PhotoScape (jakun sungguh).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cerita Weekend


adalah hari kenduri kawin sepupu aku, elwan dengan pasangannyer norzuria di puchong. dekat jer dengan umah aku. so kul 11am kitorg dah sampai kat sana. sampai2 aku pas adam kat mak aku. then trus masuk dapo cari bekpes dengan bobo. heheh...

kitorg stay sampai kul 10pm kat umah kenduri. lepak jer...bukan buat apa pon. adam pon well behaved, alhamdulillah...

err..nothing much to story lak...

ahad - Happy Father's Day!

hari yang ditunggu2. cewah...tunggu sebab apa? sebab kitorg nak shopping! perhaps it's my final shopping spree before i left kl for good. sebab pasni confirm kena all out packing barang, kan...countdown...5 days to move it! move it!

ouh, bangun pepagi aku wish Hepi Father's Day kat bobo dulu. hehe...

kami 3 beranak keluar umah dalam kul 10.45am. dalam kul 11.15am dah slamat sampai IKEA. sampai2 jer trus tuju foodcourt untuk lunch. kitorg makan meatballs. ui..lama tul tak makan. heaven sungguh! tapi tak abis pon lagi 2 bijik. aku pas kat bobo. adam seperti biasa makan bubur nasik homemade feberet dia - ikan bilis. lepas makan trus mulakan operasi. heheh...

hajat di hati nak pegi beli high chair untuk adam jer...jerr...sekali nampak macam2 mula la rambang mata dark brown (ecehh..nak habaq kaler bijik mata laks ;p) aku nih. last2 aku angkut skali berus jamban, rak dapo, placemat, grater, tapawe & karpet! curtain sliding door pon nyaris2 aku angkut gak. sibaik tatau lagi measurement masa tu. kalau takk....takpolah, bukan slalu pon aku shopping barang2 umah...

lepas shopping di IKEA, kitorg sambung lak 2nd phase shopping di OU. ahahha...gilo sungguh. kat sana aku 'ter'rembat lak satu tunic blouse kat F21. but the most happiest thing is that i got my wedding anniversary gift from bobo too ;D tq encik hubby...

adam plak dapat teether baru. teether lama dah bocor. ntah camner leh bocor tatau la. kitorg tawaf kat OU dari kul 2pm sampai 9.30pm. gilo lama! solat zohor, asar & maghrib kat sana. baju tido adam pon aku salin siap2 kat jusco. heheh...letih, tapi aku puas sebab benda yang nak dicari semua dapat. yang paling siok curtain sliding door aku beli dapat 50% diskon! boleh save sket...

pastu nak dijadikan citer, masa kitorg dinner kat carl's junior si adam leh termuntah kat atas bench. dia memang tengah selsema & batuk skang ni. masa tu aku baru bagi dia minum susu. habis 6oz. elok jer bobo nak burpkan dia, tetiba dia batuk. pastu trus keluar balik susu yang dia minum tadi. sian sangat...tapi sibaik dia tak nanes atau merengek. lepas muntah pon dia still lasak! haiyoo anak ummi nih...

aku perasan, skang ni adam makin lasak! asal dukung jer mesti tanak duduk diam2. ada jer benda nak digagau. sokni dah pandai merangkak mau letih aku dibuatnyer. get ready ummi!

all of all, i had a great weekend! how's yours?

p/s: entry kali ni takder pics. aku malas nak snap gambar masa sesi membeli belah ;p

Friday, June 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Daddy & Abah

me & en. abam (on behalf ;p) would like to wish our beloved hubby & daddy, mr bobo his 1st Hepi Daddy's Day!

semuga mendapat kap ba ro kap alip ta nun...aminn....

to my daddy cool,

me, bobo & en. abam would like to wish you


semoga sihat sejahtera & dilimpahi rahmat selalu. aminnn...

p/s: gambaq dicilok dari FB abah. abah aku pon ada FB tau. how cool is that? heheh...

Adam Just Wants to Say Hi!

saya tengah tido masa baru nak kebah demam

cak!! saya dah baik dari demam ;D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Burger Smelling Perfume Anyone?

i never imagine a burger smelling perfume will exist in this world. and guess what? Burger King has recently released a fragrance called 'Flame', described as 'the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat'. sounds yucky or yummy eh?
but the most surprising bit is their perfume advertisement which features Piers Morgan (the judge from Britain's Got Talent) laying on his side and almost 'togel' with only a small cloth covering his manhood. tak berselera makcik!
i have to spray paint some parts of his body (menutup sedikit aurat) so that you won't blame me if you puke on your keyboards and monitors. ahahaha....

what in the world is he thinking?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teething Babies

since en. abam is teething now, i'd like to share some of the info based from my reading from the book 'What to Expect - The First Year'. a teething baby may experience any or all of the following:
  1. drooling - for a lot of babies, it may start anywhere from about 10 weeks to 3 or 4 months of age.
  2. chin or face rash - irritation from constant contact with saliva could cause dry skin rash or chapping to develop on the chin. so we have to gently pat away the drool periodically during the daytime.
  3. a little cough - the excess saliva can cause baby to gag or cough occasionally. kekadang babies will continue to cough as an attention getter too (patut la penah dengar kekadang bunyi macam batuk buat2. heheh..).
  4. biting - teething babies will gum down everything! this is normal as counterpressure will help to relieve the pressure from under the gums. it's better to give the baby a teether for him to chew on.
  5. pain - inflammation is the protective response of the tender gum tissue to the impending tooth, which it considers an intruder to fend off. it causes pain in some babies, but almost none in others.
  6. irritability - the ache caused by inflammation may become more constant. thus, babies may be cranky.
  7. refusal to feed - a teething baby may appear fickle when it comes to nursing as the suction created increases his discomfort. so he may reject the breast or bottle. a baby who's started solids may lose interest in them for the time being.
  8. diarrhoea - some doctors believe that there appears to be a connection: perhaps because the excess saliva swallowed loosens the stools.
  9. low-grade fever - fever under 38.3c can occasionally accompany teething as a result of gum inflammation.
  10. wakefulness - the discomfort that has his fussing during the day can keep him awake at night. it's more common with first teeth.
  11. ear pulling, cheek rubbing - pain in the gums may travel to the ears and cheeks along nerve pathways they share, particularly when the molars begin pushing their way in.

till next time! stay tuned for more info... ;D

p/s: all excerpts are taken from 'What to Expect - The First Year'.

Cerita Basi Vol. 2

ahaks...siap ada volume 2 pasal cerita basi. ni kes tatau nak wat entry pasal apa ler nih. so tetiba teringat my trip to Terengganu last month. bukan vacation yer, tapi business trip. kunun...podacit...

ok, here goes...

i was assigned to 'jaga' booth for 3 days during Festival Hari Guru Kebangsaan at Terengganu Trade Centre (TTC) with other 3 opismates. it's been ages since i went to ganu. eh, it was 2 years back kot. takla lama sangat ;p aper pon memang i look forward for this trip. coz dah lama takpi Pasar Payang! ahahha...

our journey was ok. cuma hujan sepanjang jalan di genting sempah. siap nampak accident jadi depan mata! the new CRV flew like somersault just metres in front of us, pastu landed kat sebelah divider kiri which is very near to the gaung. but we didn't stop as there were 2 cars already stopped to help the victim (s). harap2 takder pape la yang buruk terjadi...along the remaining journey nothing interesting happened. kitorg tido, benti makan, chatting, tido lagi, benti lagi, chatting bla2 pastu kul 7pm baru selamat sampai ganu...overall the journey took 7 hours!! gilo lama...

1st day. disebabkan pameran tu sampai kul 7pm, kitorg decide untuk tutup a lil' bit early. sebab nak jalan2 takut tak sempat! so kul 4.30pm dah tutup. ahahaha....buat muka 'toya' jer bila orang booth2 lain tengok semacam. jeles! petang tu jugak kitorg serbu Pasar Payang. aku sambar 2 pasang batik. sepasang untuk mak. tapi bukan yang digital tu yer. memang lawa tapi mahal. tak koser lah nak beli. tambah pulak aku ni bukan jenis pandai jaga kain mahal2 ;p not worth it! ouh btw, aku 'ter'beli set buku Grolier lak kat situ. takpolah..untuk anak sendiri kan...

ni la contos salah satu buku nyer...ada 3 jenis. siap dapat book rack. padan ler dengan harga...

on the 2nd day, tutup booth awal gak. masih dipandang semacam oleh orang booth lain. haha...pastu kitorg merayap di Taman Monumen Tamadun Islam. tak sempat nak masuk dalam sebab lagi 45 minit nak tutup. masuk kejap sangat tak puas lak nanti. so decide nak datang balik esoknyer...

kat depan taman

3rd day. seperti biasa, tutup booth awal lagi. untuk sekian kalinya terpaksa membuat muka 'toya'. ahahaa...kunun2 nak pegi lagi Taman Tamadun Islam tu tapi last minute tukar plan lak. so kitorg pegi makan2 kat Pantai Batu Buruk. ouh, on that day i met my ol' fren too, Teacher Yuih. Slamat Hari Guru Yuih...heheh...btw thanks a lot for the kepok u brought me. banyak tul sampai 4 packets!

4th day. hari nak balik. lagi otai. kul 11am dah siap2 tutup booth. muahahaa...nasib ler..kitorg nak jalan jauh. terpaksa la kan. sila jeles wahai kawang2 booth lain. sebelum balik, kitorg singgah amek kepok lekor yang dioder semalam kat Bukit Tok Beng, Seberang Takir. nak beli kepok kat sini siap kena queue i tell u! memang sedap la..lembut jer. macam melt in your mouth gitu...aku lak dengan tamaknyer menambah lagi oder untuk makan trus rm3 kepok goreng. udahnyer sampai kl tak larat nak perabih ;p

B.T.B. sibaik bukan B.S.B (backstreet boys) ;p

on the way balik kitorg singgah di Hai Peng Kopitiam kat Pekan Chukai. the white coffee was superb!!! haiyo...masih terngiang2 rasa kopi itu. the same goes for the kaya bun (no pic. kesedapan sampai lupa nak amek pic). no wonder kekta (my big sis) leh perabih 10 bijik! ahaha..gilos banyak tuu..

tangkap leleh (drooolss ;p~)

pas singgah Chukai kitorg singgah R&R sekali jer kot. pastu trus shoot KL. alhamdulillah selamat sampai umah dalam kul 10pm. that's all about my fun trip to Terengganu...i said fun coz i got my batiks, kepok losong & of course kopi Hai Peng. eheheh...

p/s: some of the pics couldn't be viewed. so i have to remove it from this entry...sigh...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

En. Abam's Latest Milestones

en. abam is oredi 6 and a half month young. one of his latest development is....his 1st tooth! or should i say teeth? sebab dah nampak nak tumbuh 2 batang kat gusi bawah. ehehhe...sebab tu kot dia demam baru2 ni...and he loves to bite his teether too. toys lain dia tak heran sangat dah.

he also loves to tap/pat his hands onto everything. his lap, his toys, my shoulder, my hands, the tables, the sofa..semua lah. sebelum ummi babap dia, dia yang babap ummi dulu. heppp...sibaik tangan kecit lagi. hehe...

on a bit of the 'unpleasant' part, en. abam poo-poo 2 -3 times per day nowadays! kejap keras kejap lembut. depends on what he ate. eheheh...tapi 3 times per day tu macam kerap sangat la pulok. or is it normal? coz i feed him solid food only twice a day.

something that hasn't changed - he doesn't like to drink plain water. camno nak jaga kulit camni? ;p

sometimes i prepared him homemade food such as pureed apple, mashed sweetpotato, blended carrot, blended carrot+rice porridge, blended ikan bilis+rice porridge and mashed banana. but his most favourite is blended ikan bilis+rice porridge. kalau buat ni, memang confirm 1 bowl akan licin. ehehe...ouh btw, just to share, here is the recipe:

sejemput beras (i use beras siam ;p)
sejemput ikan bilis (any type will do)
air untuk masak bubur

Cara memasak:
1. beras dimasak hingga jadi bubur/moi. blend bubur sehingga halus bila dah sejuk sket.
2. ikan bilis digoreng tanpa minyak. pas goreng, blend sampai halus.
3. pastu mix together-gether the blended bubur and bilis. kacau sehingga sebati. dah siap...

wahh...rajin pulak aku type resipi tengah malam buta nih ;p

btw, i've started reading What to Expect The First Year which i bought online from MPH a couple months ago. i really love this book! although it only has few pics but more wordings, it's so complete. insya Allah if i got spare time, i'll share some of the tips, do's and don'ts and advices based from my reading.

Friday, June 12, 2009

En. Abam 1st Fever

it's been 4 days since i posted my last entry. it's all because of en. abam. he had his 1st ever fever on tuesday nite. before this, he never had any fever following his monthly immunization. alhamdulillah right now he's oredi 'kebah'.

on tuesday nite, en. abam took a long nap (7pm to 11-ish pm) after having his milk. selalunya dia cuma catnap around half an hour jer. at that time i wasn't suspecting anything. in fact, i was glad he slept for a longer period so that i can pack my things. lepas dia terjaga baru aku pegi tengok kot2 dia nak susu lagi. masa tu baru aku pasan. his forehead and body was quite warm. luckily i have the Microlife digital thermometer to check his temperature. sah! his temperature was 38.5c at that time. fortunately he wasn't cranky at all...demam pon tak nanes...

aku trus kol bobo. tapi dia tak jawab. so i just waited for him to arrive home. at about 12.30am he arrived and i told him about en. abam. he suggested to bring him to a nearby clinic but i chose to wait until next morning. then bobo went out to 7 eleven to buy koolfever. so that nite we just pasted the koolfever onto his forehead and gave him 2.5ml of cherry flavoured paracetamol for babies.

next morning, en. abam's temperature has decreased to 38.1c. alhamdulillah...just to make sure he's alrite, we brought him to see the doc. the doc says it's just a normal fever, so we don't have to be worried ;D then i asked the doc to give us the syringe only instead of another bottle of paracetamol. ehehhe...ouh, btw en. abam's weight now is 7.4kg. sebab tula ummi dah kebas2 tangan dukung budak kecit nih ;p

later last nite he's progressing well. tapi still kurang minum dan makan. at about 4.30am tetiba dia nanes kuat. bila cek, rupanya dia kembung lak. mebbe pasal kurang minum dan makan. lepas sapu minyak Yu Yee, he continued his crying for another hour! sampai 2 kali jugakla aku sapu minyak kat perut dia. so i opted to take another EL yesterday to monitor him.

for lunch, i prepared him a bowl of blended bubur ikan bilis (his favourite! bobo cakap bubur orang kampung ;p). alhamdulillah abes dia mamam. last nite, after another shot of paracetamol, he dozed off for quite a long stretch. sampai berpeluh2 kepala. pagi tadi aku nak kuar pegi keje tengok dia dah cargas balik. syukur...

so, that's all about my baby's 1st fever. hehe...

p/s: took a pic of him on my hp. but i left it at home this morning. iskkk...

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Like To Move It..Move It!

yeah, right! i really hate to move 'it' actually. 'it' means to move my cacamarba house things (pinggan mangkuks, books, clothes and whatnot) into the boxes. i'm going back to perlis by end of this month. and i'm bringing en. abam with me ;D

to date, i've only stored 1 box of things. i've also wrapped the unused pinggan mangkuks. that's all! iskk...i only have not more than 3 weeks to pack those things. balik keje macam susah nak packing sebab en. abam dah semakin memerap. is it normal for a 6 month old baby to be memerap? sebelum ni dia ok jer kalau aku tinggalkan dia sorang2 depan tv...bobo lak keje shift petang minggu ni. so i need to pack all by myself...

btw, thanks for the tips savage chickens! coz that's what i planned. to stash all the books and mags into one box. eheheh...

okay, i need to list down the essential things for moving coz i'm so serabut right now:
  1. a new house - checked

  2. en. abam's new nursery - checked

  3. a 3 tonne lorry - checked

  4. boxes - checked

  5. taking off the astro dish & water heater - uncheck

  6. transferring the bills' address - uncheck

  7. thrashing out unused and unwanted things - 50/50
  8. trying not to store additional rations in the fridge and kitchen cabinet - sedang berusaha. chaiyok!

err...apa lagi eh?? my mommy told me to start pack slowly everyday. but the problem is i don't know where to begin! kat bilik tidur kah? kat bilik en. abam kah? kat dapo kah? or is it kat bilik stor kah? or the living room?, i oredi started what...tu yang i wrapped those pinggan mangkuks.
okay, i need to take it easy...orang cakap sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit. chaiyokkk!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cerita Basi

i've no idea on what to blog about today. not exactly no idea but more to unsure which one to post first. that explained the title for today's entry.

budak motak yang menggeget jari sendiri di Jusco Bukit Tinggi

2 months ago me and bobo brought adam to Jusco Bukit Tinggi (so basi!). it was our 1st time there. it's huge but nothing spesel la. sama jer macam shopping complex lain2 tu. after strolling to boredom (tak penah2 shopping complex makes me bored. pelik nih) we had our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market (MFM). masa nak duduk tu the servant siap bawak high chair nak bagi adam duduk. dia ingat budak kecit tu dah leh duduk sendiri kot. ehehe...i just said to him 'it's ok, thanks' least he's alert that parents with babies should be offered high chairs. sesetengah tempat tu kita sendiri kena mintak, 100 markah for your service. heheh...

merket ikan Manhattan

we ordered the food which i couldn't recall what the name was but it was meant for 2 pax. we waited for almost 20 minutes for the drinks to arrive. tarik balik 100 markah di situ! sampaikan bobo dah naik sore dah sebab baper kali dok tanya where's our drink. kalau dah food kena tunggu lama sket, we understand coz it takes time to fry and grill the seafood. tapi takkan coke and iced lemon tea pon lambat dek non? bukan ramai customer pon masa tu. sabo jelahhh...

adam - ummi! mana oder kita ni??? lapaqnyesss...ummi - sabaq anakandaku, moh kita pose dulu

finally our food arrives and it's presented in a square skillet (orang tua2 marah kalau makan dalam kuali, kan?). it was awesome although i didn't quite enjoy the deepfried mussels. it was mushy2 and the taste was like ok2 jer (siput lala goreng cili lagi besh!). so bobo finished it all. ehehe...


ouh, the cheesy prawns were grilled in front of us. terbeliak adam tengok api. eheheh...dapat balik 100 markah for the presentation. eheheh...masa makan kenalah take turn sebab nak pegang adam. aku bagi can bobo makan dulu sebab aku takla rasa lapar sangat. kat umah mertua dah makan sket dulu seblom tu...sampai turn aku makan, aku letak adam kat atas kusi. main2 kejap trus dia tetido. ahaha...nilah gaya tido tangan asereje dia tu...

seblah tu kaki ummi dok tahan adam dari tergolek ke bawah ;p

dah pengsan

at last we didn't finished the food. what a waste. tapi yang tinggal cuma fries tu jer. eheheh...lain2 licin! i bet if we haven't eaten at my MIL's house earlier, all will left is the skillet. ahahha...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pour Moi!

these are the souvenirs that i got from my mommy and lil' sis from their european vacation last month. i loike!!
  1. Cath Kidston floral tote bag (very pretty! tq cek!)
  2. Aldo's grey hobo bag (luv it to bits coz it's so spacious! senang aku sumbat segala cacamarba dalam beg tu. tq mak!)
  3. Harrod's bling bling keychain (hanged on my bag)
  4. Harrod's fridge magnet (in the small box)
  5. Harrod's ceylon tea in the tin case (yang ni aku kirim kat lil' sis gara2 tengok Samantha Brown beli dalam Passport to Europe. dia beli sebab tea ni yang affordable as souvenirs to her friends. ahahaha...)
  6. I Love London mug
  7. Eiffel Tower pink picture clip
  8. A pretty hat picture clip
  9. German porcelain clogs
  10. Fridge magnets from Brussels, London & Paris

last but not least, items which are not in the pic:

  1. Marks & Spencer Rose Shower Foam
  2. Harrod's Pen (tq abah!)
  3. Funky cotton turquoise colored tshirt
  4. Adam's clothing from Paris (blom muat pakai lagi. eheheh...)
  5. Annick Goutal's make up bag

a total of 15 souvenirs only for me! that explains why they have to buy additional luggage. eheheh...merci beaucoup!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Zombie Kampung Batuban

arini aku telah bertukar menjadi zombie. ngantoks!! kepala pon rasa weng2...semalam aku ngan bobo bawak adam pegi IOI Mall sebab aku nak beli kompek poder. dah totally abis poder aku sampai tinggal serbuk jer. sampai umah balik dah kul 10.30pm. masa tu adam ceria jer seperti biasa. kul 12 aku nak masuk tido n tengok adam pon dah tertungging dah tetido gak.

kul 3am tetiba aku dengar adam nanes kuat! aku tido dalam bilik, bobo lak tido kat sofa depan temankan adam. kitorg sengaja letakkan adam atas toto jer sebab senang dia nak bergolek2. kalau dalam playpen ruang limited sket kan (padahal playpen dia penuh barang2 ummi & daddy dia ;p)

aku bangun katil terus kuar bilik pegi tengok adam. bobo lak pengsan habis! anak keriau kuat camtu pon dia leh tak sedar langsung..iskkk...aku pon terus pegi angkat dukung adam. still keriau kuat gak. menyepit2 gitu. dahla masa tu sunyi sepi. haiyooo...

dah pujuk2 tak jalan gak, aku sapu sket air kat muka adam. dia diam la kejap dalam 5 secs kot. pehtu sambung balik. uwaaa...aku tepuk2 lagi belakang dia untuk pujuk. aku tingat la malam tadi kan balik umah dah lewat (untuk baby la). tambahan pulak area umah aku tu ada hutan2. adakah 'sumting' yang dok kaco adam? ada jiran aku bagitau kawasan situ memang 'keras' sket. iskk...

tingat lak aku kejadian misteri nusantara yang jadi kat umah aku masa dok jaga adam dulu. it was around 3 months back kot. adam pon kecit lagi. satu malam tu aku dok tengok tv sambil bagi susu adam kat sofa. awal lagi masa tu. lom kul 9pm. pintu balkoni memang sentiasa aku bukak untuk bagi angin masuk sket. pehtu tak semena2 mobile toys Anmum (dapat free dari kinik private) berpusing siap kuar lagu dia skali. aiks? bila masa aku wind key dia? habis satu round dia pusing. wah3...aku terkujat di situ tapi still menten cool. mulut terkumat kamit baca ayat Kursi. abih jer adam nyusu aku trus cabut mende alah tu pi simpan trus. sampai skang tak pasang dah. yerp, such a coward i am! nak sedapkan ati aku cakap angin kot yang pusingkan mende tu...harap2 memang pasal anginla. huhu...kalau takder angin masakan mobile toys bergoyang? ehehh..leh jadi peribahasa baru lak.

ouh, pasal adam tadi. dekat 10-15 minit gak dia asik keriau. pas aku tepuk2 pujuk2 dia aku try letak balik atas toto. alhamdulillah dia nak tido balik. tido dengan sedu sedan dia. cian tengok :( pasni i'll make sure to read surah 3 Qul and ayat Kursi before entering my house. pagi tadi aku bangun kul 5.30am nak pegi keje tengok dia dah tido berpusing sambil tersembam muka. lena sungguh sebab penat keriau agaknya...harap2 malam ni adam dah ok. kalau tak ummi jadi zombie lagi la jawabnya...