Friday, May 22, 2009


i'm contemplating to buy one of this chair/seat as my baby boy has started weaning. fenin dok fikir which one is better.. the ikea's high chair is more affordable (not more than rm60), sturdy (i think) and safe coz it has straps. and it can be used for long term too depending on baby's size. en. abam is not a chubby baby so he can use it for a few years kot..probably until 1 or 2 years old. but he couldn't sit still yet. asik tumbang ke tepi. i wonder he can sit on the high chair or not..
ikea's high chair
another one is the bumbo seat which is made especially for babies. even couldn't-sit-still babies can use the seat. the seat is quite pricey (rm199.90) before less.'s sturdy too but i read somewhere that active babies can fall from the seat. so supervision is needed. it has a variety of colours! so comel la that lilac and pink ones but my baby is a boy ;p
hmm..what else huh? ouh, the seat is quite small. if en. abam's peha and montot is 'developing well' (ehehe), for sure this thing will end up in the store in no time. not really a bargain for long term use lah.
bumbo seat

i need to make up my mind before my 'BIG MOVE' next month. heheh...


Watie Aziz said...

Hi Una,

Refer to ur comment at BabahMummy blog,I ada tempek gambar my baby high chair kat may blog. Feel free to surf yeah -

Anyway.i follow u dy! :)Salam kenal!

Maya Ariffin said...

Una, i juz resided to bought the same high chair for my darling Aidid.. its 49.90 oni. N rasanya boleh guna up to his 2nd or 3rd year hopefully. coz aidid dah mula lasak and time makan memang kerja lebih sket nak bagi dia dok diam2 hahahaha.. Dulu consider gak nak bli tat Bumbo seat but bila pk jangka panjang, not worth it la coz tat sit cuma akan guna masa baby baru nak blajar duduk and pricey summore. the most pon bout 3months jer leh guna. coz bila dah mula masuk walker, tanak dah derang duduk diam2 kat Bumbo seat tu.

una said...

watie: tq2! i dah komen dlm entry u psl high chair tu. i folo u too. ehhe..

maya: btoi2. aku mmg nak cari high chair yg value for money. leh guna lama & tahan lasak. ikea's tu dlm list dah lama. seblom adam lahir lg. eheheh..

Maya Ariffin said...

Wei.. lupakan je lah buat sementara waktu. aku gi sana dah Out of Stock dah.. hahaha.. ampes je. tunggu la pulak next month hopefully ada stock baru masuk.