Monday, February 1, 2010

Adam's 1st Flight

remember my previous entry on adam's 1st flight? finally the day has come! to tell you the truth, on the day itself i feel quite nervous because i wasn't sure how he would react on board. will he cry/throw tantrums thru the entire flight or just sleep until touchdown? but i doubted on the latter. hehe...mommy's instinct kot ;p

well, my expectation was 80% right. he did threw his tantrums! but not thru the entire journey. when we (me and my MIL) boarded the plane, adam was sleeping. i was so glad and hoping he'll sleep until we reach Alor Setar. haha! but my hope flew away coz he's wide awake when my MIL was fastening her seatbelt.

masa flight mula gerak tu ok lagi, so i gave him milk bottle to drink and hoping it'll sufficient until we take off. kononnya taknak bagi telinga adam bengang la. tapi rupa2nya tak cukup! before take off dah abis dia minum. fault la coz salah bajet. heheheh....6oz of milk could be finished in less than 10 minutes with a number 4 teat. takper, pasni kalau kena bawak adam naik flight lagi aku kena guna teat no 1 la kot. huhuhu....

adam self-feeding some fries at McD, KLIA

waiting to board the plane. muka macam takder perasaan jer

still mamai sambil terlangut tengok pakcik steward yang kecoh

before take-off. muka cuak. hehe....

half way thru taking off he seems uneasy and uncomfortable perhaps because of the cabin pressure. then he started to show his tantrums but alhamdulillah only for awhile. along the journey he didn't sleep at all. kejap berdiri kejap meniarap atas aku, kejap berdiri balik until we reached 'ruang udara' (bak kata co-pilot. hehe) Penang.
when the plane was getting lower to depart, adam started to throw his tantrums for the 2nd time. and this time, it was really challenging i might say coz we have to bear for almost 10 minutes with his tantrums! i've tried several times offering him water bottle but he rejected. he just won't calm down until we touched down at Alor Setar airport. phewwww.....lega....and a bit embarassing too ;p. ehehe...hopefully other passengers would understand our 'situation' at that time. for those yang tak faham, tryla sendiri bawak baby onboard!
afterall it's quite an experience to me. sibaik my MIL was with us too. i can't imagine what will happen to me if i were alone with adam. mau nyer kena mintak tulun pakcik steward yang kecoh tu pegang adam sama. kuang3....
dear adam cuks, no matter how much tantrums you threw and showed to us that day, we still love you, okeh?

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