Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pour Moi!

these are the souvenirs that i got from my mommy and lil' sis from their european vacation last month. i loike!!
  1. Cath Kidston floral tote bag (very pretty! tq cek!)
  2. Aldo's grey hobo bag (luv it to bits coz it's so spacious! senang aku sumbat segala cacamarba dalam beg tu. tq mak!)
  3. Harrod's bling bling keychain (hanged on my bag)
  4. Harrod's fridge magnet (in the small box)
  5. Harrod's ceylon tea in the tin case (yang ni aku kirim kat lil' sis gara2 tengok Samantha Brown beli dalam Passport to Europe. dia beli sebab tea ni yang affordable as souvenirs to her friends. ahahaha...)
  6. I Love London mug
  7. Eiffel Tower pink picture clip
  8. A pretty hat picture clip
  9. German porcelain clogs
  10. Fridge magnets from Brussels, London & Paris

last but not least, items which are not in the pic:

  1. Marks & Spencer Rose Shower Foam
  2. Harrod's Pen (tq abah!)
  3. Funky cotton turquoise colored tshirt
  4. Adam's clothing from Paris (blom muat pakai lagi. eheheh...)
  5. Annick Goutal's make up bag

a total of 15 souvenirs only for me! that explains why they have to buy additional luggage. eheheh...merci beaucoup!

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mrs plain-june said...

siok.. siok.. mak kata nk p lg.. bleh bli mcm2 lg.. hehe..