Monday, June 8, 2009

I Like To Move It..Move It!

yeah, right! i really hate to move 'it' actually. 'it' means to move my cacamarba house things (pinggan mangkuks, books, clothes and whatnot) into the boxes. i'm going back to perlis by end of this month. and i'm bringing en. abam with me ;D

to date, i've only stored 1 box of things. i've also wrapped the unused pinggan mangkuks. that's all! iskk...i only have not more than 3 weeks to pack those things. balik keje macam susah nak packing sebab en. abam dah semakin memerap. is it normal for a 6 month old baby to be memerap? sebelum ni dia ok jer kalau aku tinggalkan dia sorang2 depan tv...bobo lak keje shift petang minggu ni. so i need to pack all by myself...

btw, thanks for the tips savage chickens! coz that's what i planned. to stash all the books and mags into one box. eheheh...

okay, i need to list down the essential things for moving coz i'm so serabut right now:
  1. a new house - checked

  2. en. abam's new nursery - checked

  3. a 3 tonne lorry - checked

  4. boxes - checked

  5. taking off the astro dish & water heater - uncheck

  6. transferring the bills' address - uncheck

  7. thrashing out unused and unwanted things - 50/50
  8. trying not to store additional rations in the fridge and kitchen cabinet - sedang berusaha. chaiyok!

err...apa lagi eh?? my mommy told me to start pack slowly everyday. but the problem is i don't know where to begin! kat bilik tidur kah? kat bilik en. abam kah? kat dapo kah? or is it kat bilik stor kah? or the living room?, i oredi started what...tu yang i wrapped those pinggan mangkuks.
okay, i need to take it easy...orang cakap sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit. chaiyokkk!!

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mrs plain-june said...

ha.. dah agak dah.. i like to move it move it! hehe.. aja aja fighting! lg 2bln turn akak plak. adeh.. rmh ni lg kronik sbb 2 tkt! pastu anak ramai lak tu.. huhuhu.. sib beik dekat. kalu pindah p perlis nun.. aih.. pangsan semenggu!