Sunday, June 14, 2009

En. Abam's Latest Milestones

en. abam is oredi 6 and a half month young. one of his latest development is....his 1st tooth! or should i say teeth? sebab dah nampak nak tumbuh 2 batang kat gusi bawah. ehehhe...sebab tu kot dia demam baru2 ni...and he loves to bite his teether too. toys lain dia tak heran sangat dah.

he also loves to tap/pat his hands onto everything. his lap, his toys, my shoulder, my hands, the tables, the sofa..semua lah. sebelum ummi babap dia, dia yang babap ummi dulu. heppp...sibaik tangan kecit lagi. hehe...

on a bit of the 'unpleasant' part, en. abam poo-poo 2 -3 times per day nowadays! kejap keras kejap lembut. depends on what he ate. eheheh...tapi 3 times per day tu macam kerap sangat la pulok. or is it normal? coz i feed him solid food only twice a day.

something that hasn't changed - he doesn't like to drink plain water. camno nak jaga kulit camni? ;p

sometimes i prepared him homemade food such as pureed apple, mashed sweetpotato, blended carrot, blended carrot+rice porridge, blended ikan bilis+rice porridge and mashed banana. but his most favourite is blended ikan bilis+rice porridge. kalau buat ni, memang confirm 1 bowl akan licin. ehehe...ouh btw, just to share, here is the recipe:

sejemput beras (i use beras siam ;p)
sejemput ikan bilis (any type will do)
air untuk masak bubur

Cara memasak:
1. beras dimasak hingga jadi bubur/moi. blend bubur sehingga halus bila dah sejuk sket.
2. ikan bilis digoreng tanpa minyak. pas goreng, blend sampai halus.
3. pastu mix together-gether the blended bubur and bilis. kacau sehingga sebati. dah siap...

wahh...rajin pulak aku type resipi tengah malam buta nih ;p

btw, i've started reading What to Expect The First Year which i bought online from MPH a couple months ago. i really love this book! although it only has few pics but more wordings, it's so complete. insya Allah if i got spare time, i'll share some of the tips, do's and don'ts and advices based from my reading.


Maya Ariffin said...

Hahah.. syiok to read tis. Remind my of my sweet little Aidid.. oso tangan tamoh dok diam dah.. pat here pat there.. paling tak tahan, hidung tinga seme dia nak tarik nak cakau.. ouucchh!

FdausAmad said...
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