Friday, July 31, 2009

Pagi Jumaat yang

i realized that i never posted an entry relating to my work/office. not because it's dull, but i try to avoid due to some circumstances. keje gomen, what do you expect? sangat bahaya coz banyak 'reporter kaki aircond' yang tak bertauliah!

okay, hari ni aku nak pecah tradisi. heheh...disebabkan aku pon ada tahap kesabaran. tapi hari ni tahap kesabaran aku telah diusik!

the story goes like this...

about 9am, i got a phone call from *** office saying that her boss wanna talk to me. ok, fine. then the boss asked me how many PhDs holder have finished their studies. i said let me check in the system first to confirm the total, but it's not more than 10.

then with loud voice he said to me 'eh, takkan u tak ingat nama2 diorg kot. bukannya ramai pon'. whattt?!! i'm not a robot, hokeh? but i'm still cool at that time so i just say the names which i can recall one by one.

ok, that's the 1st round of the conversation.

2nd round..tingggg....

he asked me where is the information on the *** that i asked you to do? i said to him 'i need to settle some urgent paperworks first, then i'll prepare the ***'. fyi, i put *** on my KIV list coz he never told me when he wanted it at the first place. i have soooo many things to do, so i need to prioritize my work. is that wrong? i don't think so....

now comes the best part..

with his louder voice (more like shouting to me) he said 'u tak boleh jawab macam ni!' then what do you expect? you want me to say 'ouh, sorry...i SENGAJA taknak buat *** tu'. i said 'no, because i need some time to prepare the ***'. but he never listened and shouted 'i tak kira, dalam masa sejam, i nak u hantar kat i!! bla..bla..yadda..yadda...i marah ni! u hantar kat i sejam lagi!!' i just answered with a weak voice (still shocked with his loud tone) 'ok'. then, paangggg...he hung up.

i was like, whaddaa h***??!!! inikah perkhidmatan yang cekap? (iklan Pilem Negara Malaysia dolu2 ;p) he totally ruined my mood! pepagi jumaat lak tu!

di manakah budi bicara anda sebagai seorang ketua?
di manakah tutur kata yang beradab sopan anda sebagai sesama pekerja?
di manakah rasa hormat anda sebagai sesama Muslim?
di manakah tahap kesabaran anda sebagai seorang manusia yang berilmu tinggi?

haiihhh...only he knows the answer...

for me, life goes on...what goes around comes around. but i still give him the *** that he asked for, but it's not current and in couple hours. haha...dah nak cepat sangat, hamek la mana yang ada dulu yerr...kalau aku ni robot bertangan sotong mebbe boleh la kot siap cepat >;P

to coax myself, i just think maybe he's already on andropaus (menopaus for men) symptoms...haha!


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Anonymous said...

kak not saying all, but most bosses are like that. they expect us to be a robot, to be 24-7 online/ada info. gila apa!

i have heard a friend telling me..his and her boss yelling to them-a normal situation.kesian kan..

sabaq la na..