Wednesday, May 19, 2010


finally i managed to finish reading P.S. I Love You! last! and now, i'm reading a new novel - The Last Song. this is my 1st Nicholas Sparks' novel. mintak tolong kekta beli masa Book Fair di PWTC aritu. i just love the movies from his novels i.e. The Notebook (my all time fav) and A Walk to Remember (love the soundtracks especially Only Hope). anyway, kalau sesaper ada jumpa DVD haram (oops!) The Notebook please tell me, okes? dah lama mencari tapi belum ku temui. huhuhu....

ouh yer, The Last Song ni pon dah jadi movie. heroin dia Miley Cyrus. hero dia Liam whatever-his-name-is. they are a real life couple now ;D being me, i don't like to read the ending earlier to know what's gonna happen to the characters. tak surprise la kan. kalau nak tau review novel ni, silalah gugel yer ;p

lepas abis baca The Last Song, nak baca Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella pulak. she's another fav author of mine. novel ni pon dibeli kat Book Fair PWTC. dua2 author ada title #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. me likey!


mrs plain-june said...

abih baca pinjam!! x penah dengaq nama nicholas spark & now u've sparked my interest in his book ;)

una said...

no prob. tp tah bila nak abih baca. hehe...try la tgk the notebook tu. sgt meruntun jiwa! i bet the novel is better ;D