Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Best Toys For 9 to 12 Months Baby

en. abam versi omputih ;p (credit mrgugel)

Semenjak dua menjak ni aku asik terfikir nak belikan en. abam toys baru. sebab dah lama gak tak beli toys kat dia. tambahan pulak toys dia takder yang developmental kecuali playgym dengan buku Lamaze tu. so kat sini aku nak share tips on the best baby toys for age 9 to 12 months yang diambil dalam website annabelkarmel:

  • Building Bricks - These are great for developing hand and finger control. Soft building bricks are best for young babies, but at first your baby will only be able to knock them down.

  • Stacking Toys - Stacking rings or beakers help your baby learn about size – your baby will need help getting them into the right order. You can have fun hiding toys under one of the beakers too.

  • Activity Centre - Good for developing fine motor skills. Look for one with buttons to press, knobs to turn, spinners to spin etc.

  • Balls - Your baby will enjoy rolling a ball to you and catching it as you roll it back. You can also roll it just out of reach to encourage your baby to crawl.

  • Crawl through tunnel - once your baby has mastered the art of crawling he may enjoy trying to crawl through a tunnel.

  • Toys that make a noise - Babies like soft toys that squeak or make a noise when pressed, toy drum or upturned saucepan and wooden spoon.

  • Books - Expand your range to include lift-the-flap books.

wahh..nampak gaya macam banyak jer lagi toys kena beli nih ;p (alasan untuk soping jer lebih. heheh)

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Kristin Joy said...

All those are really best!! Building Bricks and activity centre both are perfect!! I have seen many block sets at Toys R Us...